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Review of Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer

Live dealer games grew in popularity this 2014. It changed the face of online gambling. Instead of simulated games with Random Number Generators (RNG), nice graphics and casino-themed artwork, you get a live feed from a video camera that records an actual human being as a dealer. The games are similar to those in Vegas.

There are basically three games commonly played in live dealer casinos: Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette, with some variations of the games. Some online gambling websites offer Sic Bo and Texas Hold'em. And you can count on more games to be added as time goes on. So check your favorite online casino to see what they have to offer.

Getting Started With Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are fun, fast-paced, and very exciting. It’s easy to play live dealer games. All you have to do is log in to your preferred online casino and choose a game. For instance, if you choose Blackjack, you'll watch a live video stream, with the real dealer standing right in front of your screen.

The dealer may be in an actual casino or in a studio. As the cards are dealt, you'll see them doing it live and at the same time it'll be flashed on your computer screen.

The dealer can talk to you and you'll hear him making comments, but no chat is available for you to respond. The dealer can also see the actions you've requested, and will react accordingly.

Live dealer games allow players to interact similar to other online gambling games. The only difference is the results are determined by real life actions rather than automated processes.

Things You Need Before You Play

Consider these:

  • A recent PC or Mac that has enough memory and is fast enough to handle live streaming.
  • A fast and reliable Internet connection.
  • A webcam is not needed since your plays are shown on your computer screen. You just make your play and the dealer sees it.
  • Since there is no chat, you'll also need a microphone headset to be able to communicate with the dealer.

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are preferred when gambling online because:

  • Real dealers. The most obvious advantage of live casino gambling is that you get to see the dealer spinning the roulette ball or dealing the cards to you.
  • Actual interaction with the dealer. You can chat with the dealer and the dealer can respond as if you were in the same room.
  • Convenience. Enjoy live casinos in the comfort of your own home. You’ll never need to go to actual casinos to play. You can do it anytime you want, for as long as you want to.
  • Big Bonuses. Land based casinos don't offer deposit bonuses like online gambling websites. Welcome bonuses and weekly promos are just some of the perks you get to enjoy when you play live dealer games.
  • So many options with just a click of a button. There are many online gambling sites that offer live dealer games that you can choose from. If you're done with one or don't like the game, you can simply hop to the next one.

Live Dealer Games Vs. Regular Casino Games

Live dealer games are a great option for those who are still on the fence with regular online casino games. Although top online casinos are audited and certified to ensure they’re fair, some players still feel the game is fixed in favour of the house.

With live dealer games, you interact with real dealers and have some control on the outcome compared to regular casino games where RNGs control the results.

Another aspect that makes it more appealing is that you get to play with other players, not machines. This sense of social interaction creates friendship and comraderie.

So whether you’re trying online gambling for the first time or you're a pro looking for something more exciting, live dealer games are worth a try. Discover why more and more players are getting hooked.

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