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MasterCard For Online Gambling

MasterCard - Banking

MasterCard is a credit card owned by a group of more than 25, 000 financial institutions across the globe. Therefore, it's an obvious choice among Canadian online gambling players for both deposit and withdrawal transactions from online casinos.

MasterCard Payment Services

Almost all online gambling sites accept MasterCard. Practically every one who shops online or do online transactions have a MasterCard credit card, debit card, or even a prepaid card.

Did we mention it's easy to use? Just look for the MasterCard logo on any online casino of your choice and choose it as your payment option. You’ll enter your info, including the 3-digit security code found at the back of the card. And then you'll be ready to make your first cash deposit.

Deposit And Withdrawal Options

It’s easy to deposit money in your online casino account using your MasterCard. Most transactions are easily approved, especially if you've been using it to pay other online transactions. Just like other transactions, simply enter the amount you wish to deposit and wait for it to be credited in your account.

MasterCard however no longer allows you to withdraw your winnings. This is in accordance with US laws.

You might find some online gambling sites that accept MasterCard withdrawals but they are the minority. You’d be better looking for sites that use wire transfers or cheques.

Advantages Of Using MasterCard For Online Gambling

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Convenience. You don't have to spend time registering all your financial information every time you try out a new online casino. You won’t need to wait for to be approved either. MasterCard holders are usually approved instantly.
  • Widely accepted. Most online casinos accept MasterCard.
  • Fast transactions. Other payment options have a waiting period before your cash deposit is credited to your account. But with MasterCard, deposits are credited almost immediately.
  • Secured services. The biggest financial institutions use MasterCard so it’s super secure and your personal info stays private.
  • Enjoy higher cash limit. Credit card limits are usually higher than other payment methods so you can spend more money playing your favourite games. The minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited depend on the online casino you choose.
  • No fees. You’ll never have to pay when you deposit, regardless of the amount.
  • Excellent customer service. In case you have trouble depositing money using your MasterCard, you can contact their customer service through email, chat, or a toll- free number.

Disadvantages Of Using MasterCard For Online Gambling

Remember to watch out for:

  • There are times your deposit might be declined due to strict gambling rules implemented in the US. Laws prohibit US financial institutions from processing gambling related transactions.
  • MasterCard no longer lets you withdraw your winnings from online gambling sites. You need to find an alternative payment method for claiming your payouts, such as e-wallets.

If you want to try online gambling, Canada has lots of online gambling options. Unlike the US, it has a higher tolerance for gambling online.

There are virtually hundreds of online casino websites accessible in Canada that accept MasterCard. Registration is easy, so choose one and play now.

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