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Welcome to Online Gambling Canada, where we take online gambling to a whole new level. We are a team of dedicated online casino players who have been gambling for more than a decade. So when we say we know what we're talking about, we’re stating a fact.


Here at Online Gambling Canada, our focus is you, the eager player who wants to know more about online gambling. We demonstrate our focus by finding you the best online casinos that offer generous bonuses. We want to give you all the necessary information you need to maximize your gambling experience. We want to build a one-stop website where players like you can get all the information you need about online gambling. We are the authority when it comes to everything and anything related to casino gambling. We go above and beyond to prevent players from getting scammed by illegal casino sites.


Our primary objective is presenting you with the best online casinos. We do this by trying out as many online casinos as possible, and repeating our tests in those same casinos, so we can create an honest and thorough review.

We follow specific criteria when we review all online casinos. From the sign up process and payment methods, to the games they offer and the bonuses they give. We also ensure that each online casino we recommend passes all safety and security standards. This lets you have peace of mind so you can stay focused on having fun and getting the most out of your gaming.

Here at Online Gambling Canada, we stay up to date with online gambling trends to provide you with relevant material that you can use to make the wisest choices possible.

Our Team

Our awesome team of online gambling enthusiasts are responsible for running this amazing website. Their years of experience inform their reviews of online casino sites and give you the most useful and relevant feedback.

Ethan Harlow

Ethan has been playing casino games for a decade and a half. His specialty is poker and baccarat. He loves sharing his wisdom on strategy and odds. As a self-confessed couch potato, he now prefers playing online in the comfort of his home.

Emily Mace

Emily is our resident slot machine expert. If bonus game, scatter symbol, payline, and free spin sound foreign to you, then reading Emily's articles is a must. Spinning the reels, monitoring a progressive jackpot gauge, and trying out new machines are all in a day's work for this kickass girl.

Adam Krim

The geek of the team, Adam will tell you the history of even the most unpopular game and the origins of gambling around the world. Want to know which casino game to play and why? Adam is the man to ask. He knows a lot about odds and statistics, he might as well work for the NSO.

Megan Young

Megan is the tech expert of the group. She'll explain the nitty gritty details that occur behind every online casino. If you want to learn more about random number generators or which online casino software is the best, Megan is your girl.

Guest Contributors

Aside from our core team, we also invite contributors who have the same passion for online gambling. These guests write reviews, gather data and other useful information to ensure that we provide credible reviews and a glimpse of what the rest of the online casino community are into.

We are always active in the gambling community and maintain good relationships with many large online casinos so we can get first hand knowledge on the latest in the online gambling market. We work hard to establish a rapport with people working in the industry so we can deliver instant scoop on things matters most to you.

At Online Gambling Canada, you’ll get the information from people who truly love and appreciate online gambling. We treat it not just as a past- time, but as a hobby that's worth investing money and time on.