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Blacklisted Casinos and Poker Sites


We've talked about how to spot a great online casino and even gave our own list of top online casinos to try. But knowing which online gambling sites and poker sites to avoid is just as important.

Read below for the signs that a casino should be added to the blacklist as well as a list of rogue casinos you should avoid at all cost.

Signs You Should Exit Your Browser

There are hundreds of online casinos out there and a couple of new ones come to life everyday. Hence, choosing a gambling site to invest your time and money can be confusing.

To make things easier for you, do not play at an online casino if they:

  • Fail to give your payout

    Hitting the jackpot in online gambling is hard. So when you do win, you want the online casino to pay up as fast as they got you to sign up. Some casinos pay almost immediately while others can take as long as 30 days or more, which is acceptable in some instances.

    However, if the gambling site leaves you hanging and comes up with lame excuses, don't bother going back. Contrary to perceptions, most online casinos will not pretend they have intentions to send your money. Instead, they'll tell you straight up that you don't qualify for a cash payout because you broke specific bonus conditions or didn't meet the deposit requirements.

  • False Advertisments

    Here’s a good general rule with gambling: if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Casinos that offer insane bonuses, but make you go in circles to claim them, without any valid explanations, are placed on our blacklist.

    Like we said, there are so many fish in the sea, don't waste your time with these type of online gambling sites.

  • Lack of Randomness

    Online casinos get a bad reputation for manipulating results. To avoid this, gambling sites have their Random Number Generators (RNG) audited on a regular basis to give players peace of mind and to help convince them to gamble.

    If the online casino fails to use proper RNG to ensure that all spins, roll of dice, and deals are random, or if the RNG is flawed, don't bother betting at that site.

  • Lack of Customer Service

    Excellent customer service is one thing that you should look for in an online gambling site. Glitches and other problems may occur when you’re gambling online. If the casino is hard to reach, find one that will be happy to assist you.

  • Spam Customers

    There's nothing more annoying than online casinos that spam. Casinos that don't follow best practice marketing are banned.

Avoiding Blacklisted Casino and Poker Sites

Absolute Poker

This casino has been involved in a couple of cheating scandals. And what’s worse? They didn't handle those scandals properly. Steer clear.


There are rumors that the management of this online site play against the general public, giving those management staff an unfair advantage. Furthermore, ProPoker is in some kind of financial trouble, so your money is not safe.

Atlantic Vegas Casino

This is not a licensed online gambling site. Avoid this casino at all cost.


This casino spams their customers and uses search engine cheats. And they also lack customer service skills. They don't respond appropriately to complaints about spamming.


This casino loves to change the rules after you're done playing, or even while you're still playing. That's just pure cheating!

Tajmahal Palace Casino

Their software isn’t verified as safe. They’ve also been known to cheat winners from their payouts. Sound like you should avoid gambling here? We agree.

Dendera Casino

This casino gambling site has one of the worst customer service departments. Take your gambling elsewhere!

Eldorado Palace

This site had an incident where they confiscated a winning player’s payout, with no explanation. Yikes!

Nuts Poker

Beware of this online casino. Players regularly experience problems when they try to withdraw their winnings..

Grand Pay Poker

This casino has poor overall gaming practices.

Do Your Research

The good thing about online gambling is that you can find anything on the Internet and news travels fast. If you're in doubt, simply search for reviews. Also, don't hesitate to report dubious online casinos to help stop on online casinos that don't respect the players and the game.

We do remove previously blacklisted casinos if they shape up. Consult this page from time to time for updates on blacklisted casinos and poker sites to stay updated.

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