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Review Of Canadian Online Casino

It's true that when we think of online gambling, Canada has lots of options. In terms of online casinos, Canada has plenty to offer. Most online casinos are offshore and cater to gambling fantatics all over the globe.

The truth is it's better to play at online casinos that are actually based in Canada. We compiled a list of the advantages of playing at authentic Canadian online gambling sites, so read up!

Advantages of Playing At Canadian Online Casinos

  1. Play in Loonies

    Most casino gambling sites are designed to cater to American and European players. Hence, you'll find that the most common currencies accepted are the US dollar and the Euro.

    But when you choose to play at Canadian online gambling sites, you'll have the added benefit of betting real money in loonies. This way, you'll avoid getting ripped off by unfair exchange rates and hidden conversion charges. And although the US and Canadian dollar have a similar value, the credit card companies and other payment systems will impose charges on the exchange.

  2. Deposit through Canadian-friendly Channels

    If you don't want to be limited in the amount of money you can deposit, then make sure to choose Canadian online gambling sites. These casinos offer payment methods exclusively for Canadians such as Instadebit and UseMyfunds, which connects directly to your Canadian bank account.

    It's very convenient and will save you loonies since these payment channels are free of charge.

  3. Withdraw Your Winnings Without Hassle

    If the online casino you choose doesn't have any real connections in Canada, then you might need to wait longer before you can claim your cash payouts. But if you play at a Canadian-recognized casino, claiming your winnings will be easy breezy.

    And like we already mentioned, you don't need to worry about exchange rates and conversion fees since you can claim your payouts in loonies. You also get to choose from several payment methods available in the country.

  4. Enjoy Canadian-Exclusive Bonuses

    Top online casinos offer standard bonuses such as a welcome bonus, match bonus, and loyalty bonus. What separate Canadian online gambling sites from the competitors are the bonuses they offer, which cater to Canadian players only. Yes, there are prizes and bonuses exclusively for you. Prizes like hockey playoff tickets, free winter getaways with flights out of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. And that’s just the start. Canadian online gambling players like you will surely love these prizes.

  5. Play Casino Games With Other Canadians!

    Gambling online is more fun when you get to play with other players. But if other players are located on the other side of the world, you might miss out. Enjoy playing multiplayer roulette, slot tournaments, or even live dealer games with your countrymen.

  6. Easier Customer Service Support

    Like any other software you run on your PC or Mac, problems may occur from time to time and it'll be harder to ask for toll-free support and receive step-by-step guidance if the online casino is not based in Canada. You might have to settle for email or live chat help. Choose an online casino where help is within reach when you need it.

    Having said all this, we compiled a list of all the best Canadian online casinos:

If you've been gambling online for a while now or you’re just getting started, make sure to try any of our recommended Canadian online gambling sites above to ensure that you get your loonies' worth!

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